Creating shareholder liquidity requires many corporate development initiatives throughout the life of a company. At Rainmaker we combine investment banking competencies with an entrepreneurial, results oriented approach to serve your growth needs. Our objectives are to establish transformative relationships that have an exponential impact on your business no matter where you are on the continuum to liquidity.

Our services include Capital Formation, Business Development, and M&A Advisory. 

Capital Formation

Capital Formation is a complex and risk filled aspect of growing a business. Success is often contingent on finding the “right” source rather than “any” source. Improper preparation can lead to structural mistakes that can be costly and even insurmountable in future funding rounds or liquidity transactions.

Rainmaker provides capital formation support services to help bring the most appropriate funding source (Angel, VC, Corporate, Private Equity, Debt) and insure that our clients have the proper corporate “hygiene” to reduce future friction and risk. 

Business Development

Companies at an early stage of development require business development for a number of reasons, including growth and partnerships as validation for ongoing fundraising or to enter new markets in a cost effective manner. With the speed with which the market is evolving and consolidating, corporate development strategies can rapidly have an impact on future liquidity.

RainMaker is well versed in helping clients enter new markets or source alternative distribution channels. We are comfortable with the challenges associated with finding the first customer or partner in a region. Our executable process has been honed since 1995 and leverages both our market expertise and deep industry relationships.

Merger & Acquisition Advisory

RainMaker's M&A services are a natural extension of our corporate development work. For sell-side clients the fundamental objective is to create options and position the client to be acquired as opposed to being “for sale.” Our approach is different - we cultivate the relationship with the buyer, optimize timing, and find the most strategic fit, all to maximize shareholder value. Critical elements include, pre-deal packaging and positioning, target specific financial analysis, and organizational and technical integration analysis.

For buy-side clients we not only provide transaction management services, but we uncover unique opportunities resulting in a richer pipeline of options. This reduces the risk caused by a reactionary or “opportunistic” M&A strategy and replaces it with a proactive one that fits the clients' long term objectives and increases the likelihood that the deal exceeds ROI expectations.